Sam Iwafuchi

Deceased: September 21, 2007

Service Information:

Visitation: Friday, October 5, 2007 5pm until Memorial Service at 7pm



I just received a phone call from Bruce Rosenberg informing me of
Sam's passing. I cannot begin to tell you how shocked I am to hear
the news. Bruce and I were former colleagues of Sam at the H&R Block
office on Broadway back in the 90's. Bruce received a call from Bill
Meek, our former supervisor, Bill having heard the news from John
Casey, a recent colleague of Sam's. Sam and I kept in touch over the
years, especially during tax season, and occasionally took each other
out for meals, particularly indian food. We both liked to cook, and
because I do not eat much red meat, he would always tease me that my
diet was lacking in good red meat protein. I, on the other hand,
would always tell him to eat more vegetables. We hit the casinos a
couple times, and we always came away in the black, making sure to
walk away from the table as soon as we had a good run, and before we
could lose our new found profits. Sam would always call me when he
had to do a tax return for a nonresident, and each time I would point
out that he understood the applicable tax law, but somehow he always
felt reassured when I agreed with his logic. "You're right, I know
that," he would say, and I would respond, "you're right, I know that
you know that, too!" I will miss Sam.

I googled Sam's name, and that is how I found his listing on the
Lakeview Funeral Home website. None of us knows exactly what
happened to him, so any information you would care to share would be
appreciated. I know his health had been up and down, but I thought
it was stabilizing over the summer. I spoke to him last sometime, I
believe, around Labor day. We were trying to meet for dinner all
summer long, but could never find an agreeable time. Either he was
busy with his new place, or I was busy with work or prior
obligations. Now I wish we had tried a little harder.

My sympathy goes out to your whole family.

Curtiss Cohen