An Example of a Memorial SetupFunerals just don't recognize that a life has ended; they recognize that a life was lived. They offer survivors a chance to gather and recall what mattered to them about the deceased's life: his or her accomplishments, friendship, guidance or love. At Lakeview Funeral Home we strive in “honoring the life” of your loved one by giving individual guidance and support in choosing the type of service and burial that fits the need of the family and the deceased.


With our broad service offerings we can provide traditional funerals with interment or cremation, cremation services with or without a memorial service. Some people are surprised to learn that cremation does not preclude a funeral with all the traditional aspects of the ceremony. Visitation or viewing with a funeral ceremony and church or memorial services are options to be considered.


Cremation, or any other funeral service option, should not be selected in an attempt to hasten or circumvent the grieving process, which is a necessary part of re-adjusting to life after death has delivered a great sense of pain and loss.


Funeral RoomThere are a variety of services that are offered by the Lakeview Funeral Home. In order to be able to offer the level of support and service necessary to insure all details are handled with the utmost care and concern, we are committed to the goal that one family has exclusive use of the facility throughout their time of need.