Tony Rivera

Deceased: November 21, 2012

Service Information:

Visitation: Wednesday, November 28, 2012 9am until Funeral Service at 1pm
Interment: after service at Wunders Cemetery


Tony Rivera 43 years old
born, Feb. 16, 1969 died, Nov. 21st 2012.
Beloved husband of Kimberly Diana Brackin Rivera.
Devoted father of Shannon, Jordan and Aaliyah.
Dear brother of Thomas A. Rivera.
Visitation Wednesday, November 28th from 9 am until funeral service at 1:00 pm
at Lakeview Funeral Home.
Interment after service at Wunders Cemetery 3963 N. Clark St. Chicago, Il 60613. For info 773-472-6300 or


November 28, 2012

I don't think ill ever be able to truly explain how much i loved my father or how great of a man he really was. I cant put words to how amazing he really was.
My dad was the type of person who would put everyone before himself, but still managed to be happy.& When he wasn't he never brought his problems to anyone. He'd deal with them on his own. He'd work when he didn't want to just to make sure my family had what we wanted and needed. My dad LOVED Spoiling his family, He got the most enjoyment out of seeing the people he loved smile and be happy. My dad was such a giver. My dad, Never held a grudge, No matter what happened, I guess his heart was just to big. He loved me through everything i put him through.

My dad managed his own business, He was so proud of. He got The better business award. Apart from his business he'd always volunteer to do work anywhere that needed it. From his friends to A grave yard. If he had the time he'd do it.'

My dad was a very busy man, Yet he'd always put things aside to make time for his family, I'm happy i got to spend the time and make the memories i did with him.
I think he left FAR to soon, But there's nothing i can do now but try to make him proud.

MY dad always took care of his Stuff. I Know its because everything hes ever had he had to work hard for & He knew the value of things as well My dad NEVER EVER Bought junk, Any one who actually knew him knows that. He was a collector as well. From Collectible cars, to Statues, Video games& Just about any toy ever made of value. He was so very proud of that.

You could consider my father a jack of all trades. He could fix anything and never liked other to do it for him. If he didn't know how to he learned to. He'd rather do it himself then have someone else.

He was an musician, A very good one at that. He loved the drums and if he couldn't always play on his set he could and would drum oh his chest or just about any object. It was a passion of his that he passed down to my brother.

My dad was quite he comedian, He could make anyone laugh or a he very least Crack a smile. He was outgoing and Silly. He'd make up lyrics to songs and sing them loud and make us laugh, He loved to dance, and was actually very good at it. Sometimes he'd do i randomly and be overly silly. Even in stores he would. He never liked to see anyone down.

I Know there is so much more i could say about my dad. If i wrote it all it'd be a novel, I cant think of them all now. His loss is traumatic to my family. He was Loved by many and will never be forgotten. I Know my dad was a special angel and i'm assuming that's why he was taken from us, I know he'll watch over us closely tho and in that i can take comfort.

Love, Shannon