John Andrew McSweeney

Deceased: March 12, 2012

Service Information:

Services: Private


John Andrew McSweeney, 66 years, died March 12th.
Beloved husband of Maria.
Devoted father of Stuart John.
Dear brother of Paul, Bridget, Maureen and the late Margaret.
Services Private.
In lieu of flowers contributions in John's memory appreciated, donations can be sent to the John McSweeney Troop 79 Memorial Scholarship Fund. John, who was a Queenís Scout himself (the English equivalent of an Eagle Scout), was an assistant scout master for Troop 79.
Any checks should be made payable to Jeff Weaver with a memo line indicating that this is for the John McSweeney Troop 79 Memorial Scholarship Fund. Jeff Weaver is the troop scoutmaster.
Donations should be sent to:
Jeff Weaver
c/o The Old Town Triangle Association
1763 N. North Park Avenue
Chicago , Illinois 60610
For info, or 773-472-6300.


John McSweeney obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from the University of Manchester, Faculty of Technology. Prior to university, he had taught Physics, Chemistry, Math and Physical Education for a year at the high school level. A keen sportsman his favorite game to play during high school and college was rugby.

After graduation he became a research chemist at an international company which supplied chemicals to the metals industry. As part of a team which had developed a new product he came to the States on an initial two year contract. Prior to coming to the States he married his wife, Maria, whom he had met at university. His initial two year contract turned into a permanent move when he was offered a position with the American subsidiary.

After 15 years with the same company with assignments in Cleveland, Dallas and Chicago, he took a management position in a natural gas company so that he could remain in Chicago which he had come to love. He continued to work in the energy field for the rest of his career holding increasingly responsible positions so that at his retirement he was President and CEO of an electric co-operative.

His love of rugby remained with him for all of his life. He had been able to play in Dallas, when he lived there, for the Harlequins. In 2011 he joined his old team for the 40th reunion and had a great time playing for the Old Boy team. With age came interest in a less strenuous sport and John became an avid golfer. He played most of the Scottish courses as well as many in Ireland and England.

As a Queen Scout himself (the UK equivalent an Eagle Scout) he was a strong believer in the Boy Scout movement. In addition to being a parent volunteer when his son Stuart was in the cub scouts and boy scouts, he later volunteered his time as an assistant scout master.

Those who knew John will miss his good humor, his common sense outlook on life and his willingness to help others whenever he could. He was able in his life to positively influence many individuals and so in addition to his beloved son, Stuart, that indeed is his legacy.

March 16, 2012


I was a Dallas Harlequin from 1971 Ė 1977 and played on the teams John was on and knew you a little. I was thrilled to get reacquainted with John at the Quins 40th anniversary reunion in Dallas. I now live and work in Bloomington, Illinois and I was hoping my wife and I could become occasional visitors and see you two on visits to Chicago now and then. Johnís untimely passing has ended that pleasant possibility.

John played (just a little) in an old-timerís match, but mostly watched from the sidelines and chatted with old friends. We were privileged to have had that time with him. We had a beer with him after the matches on Saturday, April 2, and when we left John walked with us across the street where we had both had to park our cars and walk a half a block to the pub. We had a nice chat about visiting in the future on the way to our cars.

John was so warm and friendly to everyone at the reunion that my wife Fran said that she liked him the best of all my rugby friends and she too is saddened that we will not see him again.

Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you and your son during this time of loss. We will all miss John tremendously, but we will cherish our memories of him as the good friend and the good man that he was.

I have cropped some photos of John from the Harlequins reunion and I have posted them in a Kodak Gallery album online. Most are from the matches at Glencoe Park and one is at breakfast the following morning. Here is a link, if you wish to view them.

Alan C. Tatum

March 16, 2012

Maria and Stuart,

I am so sorry to hear about your loss and I wanted to offer my condolences, words cannot even begin to express my sorrow. I donít know if you remember me, but I was Johnís secretary at MidCon Corp. I have such fond memories of John and it saddens me to know he has passed at such a young age. The ironic thing is that I was just thinking about him yesterday, I was at an all staff meeting for ComEd and they were introducing new Directorís and VPís and I thought to myself, one day John is going to be in this room. I know it sounds crazy, but that is what came to my mind. I remember when Stuart was born and how John changed and became more family oriented, he would send me a Christmas letter each year letting me know how all of you were doing and I looked forward to that, he would talk about the renovations still going on to the house (I hope they are done), how Stuart was in the Regatta, etc. Iím sure Stuart grew up to be everything his father dreamed of. Lean on each other for strength and remember all the good times. My thoughts and prayers are with you both.

God Bless you both,

Gina Garcia