Patrick Deveny

Deceased: April 29, 2011

Service Information:

Visitation: Saturday, April 30, 2011 3pm until Funeral Service following at 5pm


Patrick Deveny, 40 years old, died April 29th
Beloved husband of Alasin
Loving son of the late Lyle and Frances Deveny
Visitation Saturday April 30th
from 3 pm until funeral service following at 5:00 pm
both at Lakeview Funeral Home 1458 W Belmont Ave. Chicago, Il. 60657
773-472-6300 or


May 2, 2011

I had the pleasure of meeting Patrick, Alasin and Frances in Denver while I lived there. I can say it is rare to meet such delightful and amazing people and To the family of Patrick DeVeny,

I am so glad that we had a small opportunity in this world to get to know each other. My heart goes out to Patrick's family and friends in this difficult time. Sending out love and prayers to all. I know he will be dearly missed.

Julie Osborn

May 2, 2011

To the family of Patrick DeVeny,

I would like to express my deepest sympathies for Pat's passing. I am in shock as the sudden news and wish I had time to make arrangements to attend the services. I had completely lost touch with Pat, only seeing each other a few times after we were roommates in college, but have fond, fond memories of our friendship. He was and always will be something special and a piece of who I am today.

I know very little of what happened to Pat after his wedding to Alasin. It was funny at the time because their wedding was the week after ours, and only 20 minutes away in the Catskills. The day of their wedding, We were on a plane to our honeymoon. I guess, living on opposite coasts, we just missed each other. Even still, the small world, and coincidence makes me smile.

Iím not an overly religious person, perhaps even considered an agnostic. However, I was raised as a Quaker and one of the traditions of being raised Quaker that I find special and comforting in times like this is what Quakers refer to as holding people in the light. In essence I think of it as focusing on a special memory or thought of someone who is in trouble, sick or passed and only focusing on that thought for a time. Like praying, but without any specific religious references. Just envisioning that person surrounded by warmth and good (the light).

So as you go through the next few days, weeks and months know that me and my family will hold your family, and especially Pat in the light.

As I'm sure you do, I have many unanswered questions and am still reeling from the shock, but at some point, if you could reach out, I would be grateful. I seem to miss Pat more now than even when we moved out of our old apartment.

Thank you, God Bless.


Bill Stucklen
UNC Alum, roommate of Pat, Friend forever

May 2, 2011

Ali -
We are sending our prayers to you and wish we could be there for you.

Whenever we see Spiderman or Aflac, we will think of Pat.

Aunt Bonnie & Uncle Gordon

May 2, 2011

Pat DeVeny Memorial,

I was roommates with Pat for about 2 years while at UNC. He was a great friend and we shared many amazing memories. I helped care for him after he had his concussion from a bicycle accident. I am greatly saddened by his loss, and imagine it must be devastating for his family and those who have been close to him since. From the comments I've seen, he continued to share his bright energy and humor-laden joy with the world. While it may not help much, please know that those he touched have carried him with them throughout their lives and we will continue to do so always.

My deepest condolences to everyone privileged to share the world with Pat.

Chris Calabro,
Seattle, WA